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Entourage 12/06/2020

WeedMD Completes Planting Cannabis on its 27-Acre Outdoor Field and Provides Operational Update on CX Industries

WeedMD announced today it completed planting more than 18,000 fully-rooted cannabis plants at its 27-acre outdoor field located adjacent to its modern greenhouse in Strathroy, Ontario. As one of only a handful of licensed-producers entering its second year of outdoor operations, WeedMD also confirmed that its CX Industries extraction hub in Aylmer is now fully operational and extracting cannabinoid-rich, indoor and outdoor-harvested biomass into new cannabis formats.

The Company is producing vapourization (“vape”) cartridges for initial launch this month to WeedMD and Starseed’s medical channels. Additional details will be released about the vape product during its launch week of June 22, 2020. The new products will expand into the adult-use markets by Q3 2020 under WeedMD’s Color Cannabis brand.

“The ability to effectively cultivate cannabis outdoors optimizes our yields for cost-efficient production to develop products with greater commercial sales value,” said Angelo Tsebelis, CEO of WeedMD. “Over the past few months, our cultivation team has made significant headway in boosting outdoor efficiencies, selecting seven optimal outdoor strains and propagating over 18,000 cannabis clones now fully rooted and planted. Additionally, with the ramp up of CX Industries, we are now commercializing our extraction-grade, cannabinoid-rich biomass harvested indoors and outdoors into new cannabis formats starting with vapes to meet our production targets.”

CX Industries Inc. (“CX Industries” or “CX”) is a WeedMD business unit specializing in extraction, toll processing and third-party product formulation from its fully-licensed Aylmer site. With plans to process over 50,000 kgs of biomass annually at peak production, CX offers tolling and white labelling services to other LPs and brands. Two Vitalis Q90 extractors commissioned in late 2019 moved CX Industries into commercial operation in 2020.

WeedMD’s Outdoor Cultivation Highlights

  • Over 18,000 fully-rooted cannabis plants comprised from seven strains selected from mother plants shown to excel outdoors in southwestern Ontario.
  • Planted in nutrient-rich, natural loamy soil on 27-acre field with irrigation system installed, located directly adjacent to WeedMD’s fully-licensed greenhouse.
  • Utilized fertigation formulas prepared by award-winning fertigation supplier Emerald Harvest.
  • Optimizing planting methods for this second season, using precision agriculture methods which include crews of under 10 people and a high-performance mechanical planter.
  • Planting completed in one-third of the time, with one-third of staffing required compared to 2019.
  • All infrastructure and staffing resources onsite with an experienced outdoor-dedicated team.
  • A newly-built 50,000 square foot, fully-licensed processing facility strictly for processing and storing outdoor-cultivated biomass in now fully operational processing biomass for CX Industries.

Read the official press release here.

Check here for upcoming corporate events and to access WeedMD’s latest Investor Presentation and latest Corporate Update Video.

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