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MMJ News 05/05/2021

Michael Curtis Talks MMJ Group Holdings

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We sat down with Michael Curtis, Director of MMJ Group Holdings to discuss investing in the global cannabis industry.

Welcome to another episode of The Green Fund’s CannaCast! The CannaCast features pre-eminent figures within the cannabis space, whether it be entrepreneurs, doctors, chefs, or CEOs of cannabis companies, we will be speaking to the people that have made waves in the cannabis industry.

Today we are joined by Michael Curtis, an experienced former investment banker and private equity executive, and the Managing Director of MMJ Group Holdings (ASX:MMJ).

MMJ is an ASX-listed company holding a series of minority investments along the cannabis value-chain including cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and more, giving Australian investors broad exposure to the global cannabis industry.

Michael Curtis MMJ Holdings

MMJ has a portfolio of listed and unlisted cannabis companies, worth $39 million as of the 31st of March 2021, offering investors an 18% return per annum.

Weed Me, WeedMD, Sequoya, Harvest One, Southern Cannabis Holdings, and Embark Health are just some of the companies within MMJ’s portfolio, and MMJ also has the capacity to invest in sectors outside of cannabis such as natural resources, pharmaceuticals, and software services technology.

“If you have just one or two [companies] in your portfolio, and only one of those is a cannabis company, you have a very specific focus. This makes you exposed to what the company is doing on a day-to-day basis, rather than taking advantage of the cannabis sector in general,” said Curtis of the benefits of investing in a portfolio rather than individual stocks.

In this interview, Michael Curtis explains MMJ Group Holdings’ portfolio strategy, his perception of what occurred in 2020 for the cannabis industry and where the industry is headed over the next 18 months, and why value-added cannabis form factors will lucrative for investors.

We hope you enjoy this informative episode of The CannaCast with MMJ Group Holdings’ Michael Curtis.

This episode was produced by Casey Peternell, the introduction theme music was created by Reni Mathason and the CannaCast image was created by Niccole Lim. You can find the episode on our Spotify as well as on Apple Podcasts.

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