Hygrovest is an ASX-listed
investment company with
a diverse investment portfolio

About Hygrovest Limited (“HGV” or the “Company”)

Hygrovest Limited (“Hygrovest”, “HGV” or the “Company”) (ASX: HGV) is an Australian-listed, specialist investment company that has traded on the ASX since 2015. Investors in Hygrovest gain exposure to a globally diversified portfolio that seeks to produce capital growth over the medium term from investments in listed and unlisted equities and debt securities.

HD Capital Partners Pty Ltd (“HD”) is HGV’s investment manager. HD’s appointment is for five years commencing 1 July 2023.

HD is a value-oriented, fundamental bottom-up stock picker focussing on opportunities in listed small cap equities markets including:

a. undervalued, well-managed growth companies, often founder-led, that are off the radar of the broader investment community;

b. undervalued securities where HD seeks to realise value; and

c. situations that are dependent on a specific corporate action, such as mergers, liquidations, tender offers and divestments.

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